Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sneak Preview Festivities Pave the Way for Grand Opening

On the one hand, it was a long time coming. On the other hand, the race was on to be ready for our target date of June 1 to debut our new home. Either way you look at it, Sneak Preview Weekend arrived and was a wonderful opportunity to welcome old friends and make new ones.
The weekend was to begin with the Second First Annual American Sign Museum Golf Classic Friday morning. Sadly, it was rained out. But thanks to all the golf sponsors and participants who meant well... and to those who generously donated their sponsorship and registration fees just the same.
Friday evening brought an invitation only gathering of museum supporters for a first look at the new site. Friends and family from Florida to Maine and even Canada were there. All heads were looking down as they entered, reading the inscribed pavers leading up to the entrance. All heads were looking up as they entered the museum and experienced the signs and displays throughout the space.

Wade Swormstedt kicks off the brief ceremony
Wade Swormstedt, editor / publisher of Signs of the Times Magazine and brother of museum founder Tod Swormstedt, emcee'd a brief ceremony that included recognizing the winners of the American Sign Museum Extra Mile Service Award. MANY people were instrumental in opening the new space, but everyone agreed United-Maier Signs and David and Suze Butler deserved to be the first recipients of the new award.

Roger Crice, Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
gives a shout out to very special friends, Sharon and Jim Wienel,
who were conspicuous in their unavoidable absence
Founder Tod Swormstedt pays homage to founding Board Members
no longer with us: Rick Glawson, Rudi Stern, and Steve Izenour
Win Swormstedt delights with deadpan anecdotes such as finding
4-year-old son Tod on the living room floor scouring the yellow pages
for crane trucks and fork lifts 

Elaine Wallis, all the way from Ontario presents presents the museum
a check for money raised in the name of David and Suze Butler (far left)
to be used to preserve the Main Street Reunion project on film.

Saturday was the actual Sneak Preview event, which offered the public an opportunity to see the museum in advance of the June 23 Grand Opening. Both events were not only an opportunity for museum folks to make new friends, but for visitors to connect with one another. A favorite was connecting creator Debra Jane Seltzer with Road Trip USA author, Jamie Jensen and fellow roadie Denny Gibson (Thanks for the use of the photos, Denny).

There was also lots of media attention that weekend, including some great commentary and images. Here's a favorite:

Now it's on to the Grand Opening Saturday, June 23. We'll be open our regular hours, with a brief ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 and Adult admission discounted to $10.00 for the day. We hope you'll join us on June 23 or anytime thereafter. Click here for hours, cost, and directions.


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  2. You got some interesting set of signage out there. Those signage with channel letters are my favorite.

  3. You have to ask and wonder if they made these signs by themselves or if they went to a sign company for help. Those are some really great signs and the person that made them really knew what they were doing. I do not know of many places or people that can do this as a profession.
    Jak Manson |