Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Home Update

More old friends are arriving at the new site every day
It's been two months since we've begun moving in earnest. Life hasn't exactly been on hold, and given the small crew and rig we've been working with, we've made incredible progress. THANK YOU ALBERTO AND OSCAR! We now have EVERYTHING out of the formal museum space and are moving the signs from the sign garden. More old friends are arriving at the new site every day! The goal right now is to get everything completely out of the Essex Studios space; getting everything installed in the new space is another matter...

Alberto and Oscar bring the Bernie's sign into place

Sean Druley ponders ROHS Hardware

Meanwhile, craftsman Sean Druley is putting the finishing touches on the Main Street storefronts before beginning work on the lobby area.

He has completed the facades, and is now working on cabinets for the storefront windows that will hold smaller displays.

And one by one, signs are being installed and lit.

We're really excited to have a team of veteran sign painters coming the week of March 19th to 'authenticate' the walls and storefronts as only they can do. Here are some mockups of what they have in mind. With their plans for storefront windows and ghost signs on the brick walls, Main Street will really come to life!

We've sent 100+ inscriptions to the vendor for our engraved pavers that will be installed in the walkway leading up to the museum entrance as soon as we're sure of the weather. If you haven't gotten your paver yet, there's still room. Learn more and purchase a paver at our website.

Given the extensive work still to be done and scheduling conflicts, we are now planning a June Grand Opening. Details to follow...

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