Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now the Fun Really Begins. Want to Help?

Close the current site with a flourish. Check.
This past Saturday was our last day open at Essex Studios. We finished our seven-year run there with an Open House that was a great success thanks to our Board members, staff, and volunteers. And especially thanks to our faithful supporters and to our new friends who came to the museum for the first time as a result of hearing about the event through the local media - particularly a great spread in the Cincinnati Enquirer, thanks to reporter Brent Coleman. Here are some picures of the event.
Board member Chris Danforth
calls upon his popcorn making skills
learned when he was a movie
theater employee.
Volunteer Gary Young creating
cotton candy masterpieces.

Folks of all ages came to see us.
Even Kahnie the Pig
came to help celebrate! 

Let's not forget, it's all about the signs

Get Certificate of Occupancy for the new site. Check!
There are still some details to finish with the rehab of the building, but we now have our certificate of occupancy. Now we can really start to play. The storefronts are coming along and are looking great. The Speedee and HoJo signs are in place, and the folks at NeonWorks are busy bringing them back to life. All of our smaller items that have been stored elsewhere have been moved to the new site, and now we can begin dismantling the Essex exhibits and moving them as well. Here are some pictures of our progress.

Create a Posse of Volunteers and New/Continuing Supporters.
Here's where you come in. There are a lot of ways you can help:
Lenny Diaspro is a volunteer
docent at the museum

Volunteer to help us move. We can't say exactly when at this time, but if you are willing, we've got a job for you! And if you have a truck or van you would be willing to use to help us move, all the better. Contact us at info@signmuseum.org.

Volunteer at the new site. This is a ways out, but we will be looking for greeters, tour guides, and more to be a part of the museum experience once we open. And we'll want you to be ready to go well before we actually open our doors. Contact us at info@signmuseum.org. 

Samples of small items
Donate a small item for a storefront. Salesman's kit, samples, early materials... we're open to suggestion. If you have something that might be of interest, send us a photo and the pertinent information at info@signmuseum.org.

Become a part of the museum
through a financial donation you will be able to see at work: 

Adopt a Sign - contribute to the restoration of a sign. Your efforts will be recognized alongside the sign.

Purchase a Paver - get in on the ground floor, literally, by purchasing a paver engraved with your personal message on it.

Sample panel
Paint a panel - are you a sign painter? Purchase a panel you can paint with your own message, logo, whatever, and see it on display in our lobby.

Sponsor a storefront or exhibit area. For this, you'll need to contact us directly.

Become a member. This tried and true method of support is always needed to support general operations.

There are lots of fun ways to get in on the action. Join us!

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