Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Hammer Time!

If you look VERY carefully at this rendering of the new museum site and squint just right, you might spot a hammer-shaped sign in the mix. Can you see it?
The Gross Hardware sign, from Columbus, Indiana, was given to the museum several years ago. Sadly when the business closed, the neon was removed and the hammer primed out. There were no graphics left, which made the sign that rare candidate for repainting.

Dan Kasper, now retired president of Harmon Sign/Planet Neon, and former museum board member, agreed to restore the sign, so it traveled directly from Columbus, Indiana to Toledo, Ohio, where it was lovingly restored to its original glory.

Susan Kuntz, veteran Harmon employee since 1976,
carefully brings the Gross Hardware sign back to life.
We recently traveled to Toledo to retreive the sign.
Scott Markley helps prepare our trailer
to transport is valuable cargo.
And now, not only are the MacDonald's and Howard Johnson signs anchored and the store fronts taking shape, but the hammer sign is in the wings (read: parking lot) waiting to take its place on Main Street.

Thanks to everyone who helped bring this great sign back to life on its way to the museum for all to enjoy at our new site when we open this spring.

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  1. I was just watching Antiques Roadshow from Cinci and quickly noticed the Gross Hardware sign when they showed the segment shot at your museum. I knew it looked familiar and quickly came to realize it's from my hometown! I'm now living in NYC so it was great to see a reminder of home. I'm also in the museum field myself so if I'm ever in Cinci I will try to stop by your museum!