Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting Some Respect

It's been a long time.  Too busy doing things to write about them.  But I'm working on it. For now, let's consider signs getting the respect they deserve.  I'm seeing it more and more. Allow me to share an example:
Recently I had the honor of conducting a workshop and joining in the fun at the centennial celebration of the the Bristol TN/VA slogan sign. It was a very big deal with local and state officials not only attending, but verbalizing their recognition of the value of old signs to a community. Granted, they're thinking in terms of signs that have already made their mark, rather than how this might relate to current sign codes, but it was heartening indeed.  The Bristol Sign Centennial included the mayors of the TN and VA versions of Bristol and state senators too.  It was really great to see them embracing the town's heritage through a great sign.

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