Sunday, February 7, 2010

Genies, Reporters, and Benders, oh my!

We had a perfect storm recently when Genie #2 was lifted up to his rightful place, Fox 19 came to report on it and the new site, and our new tenants, NEONWORKS, settled in and got to work. You can see a piece of it all on Fox 19's video. Can you catch the errors(s) in the report?  For more detail and pix, read on...

First, our new tenants have arrived. Neonworks had already been doing a lot of our restoration work, so it seemed only right to invite them to move into the musuem.  Not only is it a practical move, but great for museum visitors who will be able to watch the guys bend glass. Those big windows in the back look in on the main part of the museum.  As you can imagine, the Fox 19 team took a great interest in watching them work and learning a little something about the art of neon sign making. Unfortunately, they didn't get much coverage on the story that ran.  But hey, every little bit counts, right?
Which brings us to FOX 19. I got a call from one of their reporters soon after a snowfall saying she had been spending a lot of time at the salt dome, and kept seeing our 'Future Home of the American Sign Museum' sign. Could she come see what's happening?  Once it was scheduled, it occurred to us: what a perfect time to install Genie #2. So I called our friends at United-Maier Signs, Inc. to see if they could schedule the install for the same morning. Of course, it was cold and rainy, but troopers that they are, the United-Maier team was there first thing. Watching them prepare for and lift Genie #2 on to the poles in front of the museum entrance was very cool, indeed, and a milestone for those of us close to the new home project.  Video coming soon! In the meantime view a glimpse of it all in Fox 19's video.

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