Thursday, January 7, 2010

Genie #2 comes to our new home!

The generously donated genies, which originally identified two of the Aladdin Carpeterias that once populated Southern California, journeyed 2500 miles to Cincinnati several years ago. They went straight to The Glass Hand in Cleves, Ohio for restoration.
Genie #1 was installed in front of the main entrance to Essex Studios where the museum now resides in April, 2005 -- just in time for the Grand Opening. He is a great landmark and greets every visitor.
Genie #2 remained at the Glass Hand awaiting restoration, and our new home's readiness. Then when the time came, United-Maier Signs, Inc., who has so generously helped us so many times over the years, became swamped with work (that's a good thing, right?).  Wasn't a problem, UNTIL...  I got the call NEW YEAR'S EVE that The Glass Hand was moving over the weekend and the landlord wanted Genie #2 gone with them,or else!  I quickly called Ken Deusing at United-Maier, and he graciously had his crew on site first thing Monday morning. Professionals that they are, Joey Beach, Matt Maier, and Richie Meece (left to right, below) braved frigid temperatures to weld, cut, weld again, lift, load, transport, and gently place Genie #2 in front of the entrance to our new home. He will be installed over the entrance as soon as weather and United-Maier's schedule permits.

Once we move to our new home, we (United Maier, that is) will install Genie #1 on the building in front of us, which faces I-75.  He will again be our beacon, inviting folks to come enjoy the American Sign Museum.

View this great video of getting Genie #2 to the Museum.

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