Friday, November 20, 2009

We're All in this Together!

I call it Roadside Americana.  Call it what you will, a lot of us can't get enough of it. That's why I include links to sign and roadside organizations and websites on the American Sign Museum website.
Some of these sites are incredibly rich with images and commentary, and many are collaborative efforts of like minded folks joined together to create a Society or Association, etc.
While I have the greatest respect for these organizations and so many individuals who share their passion with the rest of us, I am especially impressed by the continuing efforts of one Debra Jane Seltzer to see first hand, capture, document, and share all of her discoveries from well known icons to little known treasures and everything in between. And she loves dogs too! Her own dogs travel with her wherever she goes, which makes a visit with Debra Jane even more fun!

Take a look at her Roadside Architecture site, organized by by category and by state. And if you haven't had enough, check out her Flikr page.

And if you STILL haven't had enough, try her Blog, which she updates only when she's on the road. Can you spot the reference to me (the Man!) and the American Sign Museum?
I don't mean to slight other great organizations, people, or sites. I'll be talking about them in time and updating our lists on the website. I had to begin somewhere, and it seemed only right to begin with Debra Jane.  Thanks for your passion and your willingness to share it, Debra Jane.  Keep up the great work!

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